Ucreate Scan V2


The Ucreate scan provides insight into your investment readiness. It is the gate to finance and non-monetary investments as is shown in the picture below:



30 questions, after login

1.do you have the right drive/motivation/perseverance?
2.do you have the right skills/knowledge?
3.do you have a business partner?
4.do you have an adequate network?
5.is the product or service a dominant design?
6.is the product or service recognisable and distinct?
7.do clients recognise the benefit?
8.who determines what to create?
9.what is the product of your creativity?
10.in which phase is your product/service?
11.which benefit does your product/service offer?
12.can you live from it?
13.is there a clear market?
14.what type of market do you target?
15.who belong to your target client groups?
16.how will you approach the market?
17.what is your earningsmodel?
18.do you consider other business models?
19.is your timing right?
20.why will this enterprise become a success?
21.do you own all technology and knowledge you need for your production process?
22.do you own all expertise and skills to make your company a success?
23.is your intellectual capital registered?
24.how do you care for quality?
25.do you have debts?
26.how much funding do you need in the first two years to come?
27.how much do you expect to earn (turnover minus costs) in the next two years?
28.have you relied on subsidies?
29.is your accounting in order, is everything up to date, especially taxes ?
30.do you have a good insight in your performance?
31.What is your Healthcare and Wellbeing Industry Profile?
32.Project profile: Focus on Age?
33.What is your aim?
34.What is your scope?
35.What is your Deliverable?


We geven graag samen vorm aan de zorg van de toekomst. Laat ons je ideeën weten en we nemen contact met je op. Het U CREATE team



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