In the Dutch Platform for Behavioural Design, researchers and entrepreneurs join forces to create a constant exchange between the latest scientific insights and real-world experiences, in order to gain a better insight into how to design behaviour.


The Cross-media Communications in the Public Domain research group (PubLab) contributes to the development of effective and innovative communication strategies. PubLab studies how cross-media communications can be used strategically in order to build a more pleasant and sustainable society. Some examples include the way that behaviour can be influenced in the areas of health, safety, welfare, sustainability, or mobility; how citizens and governments communicate with one another; or ways that organisations can adapt to the interaction between citizens as crises unfold.

U CREATE is a Centre of Expertise focused on Future Health Design: the cross-over between the creative sector and the world of health and welfare. It brings public and private parties together within a fast-growing network by means of innovation-, knowledge-, and talent programmes. For example, U CREATE is the driving force behind the cooperation between the top sectors Life Sciences & Health and the Creative Industry. U CREATE is also the co-organiser of the Health Hub Utrecht.

U CREATE is an initiative by the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and the HKU University of the Arts, in collaboration with the University Medical Centre Utrecht, Rabobank, and Ordina.



We believe that creativity brought in the strategic realm will open the required space to make meaningful change happen. DIG stands for Design Innovation Group. We design innovation from a human centereddesign perspective. This can be applied to behavior, objects, services, methods, culture and/or strategy. We design your innovation path and story, and help you to change in order to unfold unseen potential. We like smart preferably simple solutions to complex situations. In all this we apply our core competence: design thinking 


Ideate is a consultancy bureau for service innovation. We are driven by the passion to help organisations develop services that truly matter. Services that contribute to organisations’ economic and social success, but that also meet the users’ actual subjective needs. Empathy is a key concept in our work, and we achieve our results by working together.

We work withour clients, not forthem. In so doing, we can draw on the creative strengths within the organisations, and we can ensure that the solutions enjoy widespread support. After all, providing service requires the human touch.

Panton is a design studio whose reputation is inseparably linked to the health care sector. We are experts in designing products, services, and processes for health care, with the goal of helping people to overcome the challenges they face in their own health or in that of others. By designing together with patients and health care professionals, we can get to the core of the problem and find better solutions.

The behaviour of patients and care providers can have a major influence on the success and prognosis of a course of treatment. Experience has shown that it is difficult for patients to maintain healthy behaviour for long time periods, or to consistently take their medication at the right time. We develop smart products, digital tools, and good services that help people realise permanent behavioural changes.

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