The AllerGoGo is a unique new app by Deventer Hospital to help the rapidly growing group of children aged 7 to 16 with allergy symptoms to manage hay fever.

Hay fever can cause red, itchy eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, or even problems breathing. Fortunately, hay fever is relatively easy to treat. The AllerGoGo app can help. Deventer Hospital has worked together with Panton and the Appbakkers to develop an app especially for children with hay fever.

Interactive solution for hay fever

The app helps children to gain insight into the development of their symptoms and their use of medication – not by filling in a ‘boring’ journal, but in a fun, playful manner. Young patients can either choose to use a fun avatar, called ‘allergotchi’, or a selfie like in Snapchat. The allergotchi or selfie can then help them record their symptoms and their medication use. The app shows an overview of how the hay fever develops during hay fever season. This is useful information that they can discuss with their doctor. AllerGoGo also offers handy tips on how to prevent hay fever from getting worse.

The AllerGoGo app helps children learn how to recognise symptoms (seeing and understanding), and to recognise which medication can help (doing).

Developed by and for children

The development of AllerGoGo is an excellent example of co-creation. The idea for the app originated with health care professionals who deal with young patients on a daily basis, but children and parents also played a major role in the creation of the app. The patients were involved in the development process at a very early stage.

(H)app jij het beste idee voor jouw DZ? (Do you have the best app idea for your Deventer Hospital?)

The development of the AllerGoGo app was a result of the ‘(H)app jij het beste idee voor jouw DZ? contest, which Deventer Hospital held among its staff in early 2017. The AllerGoGo app emerged as the winner from among no fewer than 46 submissions.

Panton supported Deventer Hospital in the selection process. Over the course of two workshops at Panton’s Creative Lab, Panton helped the 10 finalists in working out their app ideas.

“The app and the allergotchi that they came up with themselves teach children how to take their medication on time.”

Veronique van Hoogmoed, Innovation Coordinator at Deventer Hospital


The development of the AllerGoGo app is a unique story about co-creation in health care. Patients, parents, paediatricians and smart ICTers sat down at the drawing table together and made it possible for users to download the app from the App Store and Google Play in less than a year.

The idea from the paediatric department at Deventer Hospital was developed by Panton’s health care designers in collaboration with the Appbakkers. And last but not least: it was the result of co-creation together with children with hay fever and their parents.

Jochem Wilson


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